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Truth in Payment

Say goodbye to fragmented services and redundant billing—and hello to ease and simplicity. Aver is reinventing the way healthcare reimbursement works by focusing on bundled services and treatments called episodes. Through our patented system, anyone can deploy episodes quickly and easily, gaining insights from advanced healthcare intelligence along the way. This is how healthcare should work. This is how healthcare will work. This is Truth in Payment.

Over five years, Aver has built the premier software for creating and managing bundles

Unlike other analytics tools, ours has been built for the full reimbursement continuum.  Aver enables an end-to-end process that puts you in complete control of episode design, analytics, networks, contracts, and ongoing performance and payment. Show me

Rethink payment

Your data universe is larger than you have the time to explore.  Where you see a cluster of stars, we see a constellation and get you there at warp speed. Learn More

Unleash opportunity

We have a lab full of mad scientists distilling potent solutions to fix what ails healthcare. You can put down your chemistry kit, we’ve tirelessly perfected hundreds of formulas just for you. Learn More 

Untangle your data

When trying to merge data, it is far too easy to create a traffic jam, making it almost impossible to get there on time.  What if every light was green? What if every lane was the fast lane?  Ditch the pile ups and let us show you the alternate route with Converge. Learn More

Healthcare should be delivered at one fair price

We’ve amassed the most sophisticated healthcare payers and providers and are running the largest bundled payment programs across the U.S. Together, our community has built up a collection of experiences and best practices making us stronger and better than we ever would have been on our own.  Join the best and brightest in the industry.

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